Pac-Man (Atari 2600)

Four ghosts chasing the Pac-Man. Our hero must be able to collect all the dots from the screen without being caught.
Amazing in its simplicity, this 1980 game is still a is a great casual-game.
Not everyone knows that the four ghosts had a name and specific peculiarities in the way they move.

Akabei (aka the Japanese, “red”), also known as Oikake, Blinky, and Shadow Chaser is the most aggressive ghost, ready to chase Pac-Man at every good opportunity that presents itself. In Pac-Man World series he and Clyde swapped the colors, so in this series is orange Blinky and Clyde is red.
Pinky (English pink, “pink”), also known as Machibuse, Speedy or Whimsy is aggressive almost as Akabei, but has a greater speed.
Aosuke (by the Japanese or “blue”), also known as Kimagure, Inky, Bashful or Ambusher, is the most intelligent of the ghosts, while not having the same courage to Akabei and Pinky: adopted as a strategy to block the nearest tunnel Pac-Man intercepting the other side.
Guzuta (from Japanese gu, “stupid”), also known as Clyde, Pokey, and Otomoke, is known as the “stupid” of the group and makes the most random trajectories, often counterproductive. It is also the slowest of the four, and never chases Pac-Man unless this is not already being chased by another phantom. In Ms. Pac-Man and Jr. Pac-Man he is called Tim and Sue, but they are two different ghosts, even if they share the same Clyde color.

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