File System Watcher Tool

FSWatcher (watch.exe) is a simple tool developed to monitor file system for every kind of activity of users or applications.

FSWatcher is able to monitor file creation, change, update and delete on file systems with directory and subdirectories. Any activity is logged on a log file with automatic rotation based on log file size and date.

FSWatcher is a completely FREE command line tool, developed for Windows, based on Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0). No installation is needed, simply create a folder and unzip downloaded zip archive  there.

You can download it from HERE

VB.NET source code is downloadable FREE from HERE

How to use it:

Run from cmd with no parameters to show help about how to use it:

ZABOILAB FSWatcher v.1.0                   (
Usage: watch [options] [directory]
[options]   :  events watched
                  c - change
                  r - create
                  d - delete
                  n - rename
               other options
                  s - watch subfolders (default=false)
[directory] :  directory watched
Log Info:
Events are logged in standard output and in tool's directory
Log file name convention is watch.[1...6].log).
The tool rotate log files on following events (max 6 files):
- on every day change
- When a file becomes bigger than 1Mb
- On every tool's startup
watch rd c:\mydir
watch crdn c:\mydir
watch crdns c:\mydir

Sample Usage:

C:\fswatcher>watch crdns C:\DATA 
ZABOILAB FSWatcher v.1.0                   (
Monitoring: C:\DATA
Logging in: C:\fswatcher\watch.1.log
Started: 29/09/2012 20:30:44
Events watching:
- Change
- Create
- Delete
Subdirectory INCLUDED

Press 'q' to STOP
29/09/2012 20:31:34 - File: C:\DATA\newfile.doc CREATED by Sam from PCOFFICE1
29/09/2012 20:31:37 - File: C:\DATA\newfile2.xls CREATED by Tom From PCOFFICE2
29/09/2012 20:31:42 - File: C:\DATA\newfile.doc DELETED by Sam From PCOFFICE1




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